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Session 4 – One-Pan Meals

One pan is all you need to make delicious and filling meals.

  • Explore the many benefits of one-pan meals including cost savings and prep ahead meals
  • Identify ways to customize one-pan meals to fit your needs, resources, and preferences
  • Learn the art of roasting a variety of vegetables and proteins
  • Hands-on cooking

Sheet Pan Meal – 3 Ways

Use the same core ingredients but different seasonings and toppings to create various versions of a sheet pan meal. This method helps to save you time and money while keeping meals interesting and flavorful.

One-Pan Meal - ingredients
  • Stuck in a culinary rut? Experiment with different spices and seasonings.
  • Money-saving tip: look for spices in the international isle of your grocery store or at an international grocery store in your area. The spices are usually a lot cheaper and great quality. Start with a few new spices or seasonings – use them in various dishes with differing cooking methods. Find what flavors and combinations you prefer. 

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